Iskander Guetta

Product + Object


Who: Iskander Guetta is a young industrial product designer interested in the ways in which design can improve the daily lives of socially vulnerable individuals.

When: Iskander Guetta obtained his bachelor’s in product design with honours from ECAL, Lausanne, and received the Eyes on Talent award in 2018.

Where: Guetta’s designs were included in the shows Antenna 2018, promoted by Design Indaba and presented at the Dutch Design Week , Eindhoven, and Elite X Ecal, 2017, at the Elite Bed Gallery, Milan.

What: Analysing the environment provided by the nuclear shelter used by the Swiss authorities for the emergency housing of immigrants and homeless people, Iskander proposes a set of basic standardised objects that intervene in the narrow private space in order to enhance the possibilities and improve the quality of every individual’s daily life in the shelter.

Based on the standardised equipment of the shelters, Guetta designed an individual curtain system, a magnetic reading lamp, and a pouch for personal objects and hooks, which provide the core framework for further possible structures and extensions.

Why: “This project tries to find answers to obvious needs in very standardised surroundings. It aims to help accommodate the most needy people in a more humane way.”(Iskander Guetta)

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