Dimitri Nassisi

Product + Object


Who: Dimitri Nassisi is a young industrial designer investigating how to repurpose and expand urban equipment.

When: Nassisi obtained his bachelor’s in industrial design from ECAL, Lausanne, in 2018.

Where: During his studies Nassisi participated in the CHIC (China Hardware Innovation Camp) group project. He is currently on an internship at Big-Game studio.

What: Urban development needs innovation. By 2030 two thirds of the global population will live in cities. Innovation will have to take place everywhere, including developed countries like Switzerland.

Access to water is an absolutely key issue in this context; and Dimitri Nassisi’s Drinking Hydrants address it precisely through an upgrade of an existing network.

The Drinking Hydrant takes the simple fire hydrant and adds a drinking fountain. Nassisi’s project is not only a smart industrial design, but also a strong statement: Free water for all is not a common position, and only one city in the world provides an extended network of public drinking water fountains: Rome with its nasoni.

Why: We need engaged designers rethinking the cityscape, repurposing the existing infratrstures.

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