Calypso Mahieu



Who: The fashion photographer Calypso Mahieu questions the female body produced by fashion industry.

When: Mahieu obtained her bachelor’s in visual communication with honours from ECAL, Lausanne in 2016, with a major in photography.

In the exhibition Je Vivrai Pour Toi, at the Biel Festival of Photography in 2016, Mahieu presented a series of portraits based on Facebook profiles of dead people, interpreting the social network as a memorial.

Where: Calypso Mahieu created the cover stories for Please! magazine, N°23, and for A NOUS PARIS in March 2018, was featured in Les Inrockuptibles, and produced the photo story La Piscine for Vogue Italy.

What: Lumps and Bumps is a photographic series in which Mahieu investigates how the female body has been stripped of its changing reality. The photographer proposes a prosthetic approach, where the missing parts are added, making them not only visible, but also attractive as parts, like accessories or jewellery. Like a manual, the still series that accompanies the model shoots suggests ways to enjoy looking at the augmented models.

Why: Having completely incorporated the codes of fashion photography, Mahieu humorously reinstates the unwanted into the realm of the fashionable.

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