Eliott Grunewald

Graphic Design


Who: Type designer Eliott Grunewald experiments with typography and virtual reality technologies.

When: Grunewald obtained his master’s in type design from ECAL, Lausanne, in 2018, after completing a bachelor’s in graphic design at ENSBA in Lyon.

Where: As a freelance designer, he has worked for Swiss Typefaces, Vevey and 205 type foundry.

What: “With a strong focus on ‘expressiveness’ in type design rather than ‘product efficiency’, I’ve quickly started to experiment with type design on unreadability, expression, atmosphere, ambiance, environment and abstraction.”

Epoxy is a research project Grünewald developed for his master’s. The aim is to understand the potential of type design within virtual reality design, both from the point of view of software development and for its expressive dimension. The project aims at developing an online platform where 3D designers can access and download 3D models (mesh) of complete font sets.

Why: While sculptural experiment in typography has historical examples, Grünewald explores and reveals fascinating potentials for a world in becoming.

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