Ben Ganz

Graphic Design


Who: Ben Ganz is a New York-based experimental graphic and type designer.

When: Ben Ganz obtained his MFA in graphic design at Yale University School of Art in 2018, after completing his diploma in graphic design at the vocational college in Lucerne.

Where: While working as a designer in Michael Rock’s branding team at 2×4, New York, Ganz twice designed the packaging and illustration of a T-shirt for the product line issued by the imaginary futuristic Prada Labs, Pradamalia.

What: Ben Ganz is interested in investigating how the source material informs the design. During his MFA at Yale, he dismantled the large-size printer and the storage space for printed matter at the school, integrating formal criteria to direct the design of his posters.

For the Prada project, starting from the laboratory aesthetic, he used the concise style of drug packaging, contrasting it with handmade colour pencil-based illustrations.

For Grace Ahlbom’s Dreaming is Heavy Metal photobook restaging youth culture, Ganz juxtaposed the artist’s pictures with original printed footage from the culture that inspired Ahlbom for her work.

Why: Ben Ganz develops an intriguing way to deal with materiality and integrate it into his design.

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