Sabina Bösch



My project is an examination of the female division of the most traditional sport in Switzerland: “Schwingen”. I accompanied women and girls for one season during the summer of 2019. The imagery is brutal and direct, bodies are tangled, faces warped and crooked. The sawdust is alum – in the eyes, mouths and clothes. The excerpts of the photographs are chosen in such a way that the gender is not always recognisable and the bodies and clothes become an abstract matter, which is meant to express the parity of the female division with the men’s. The rules, rituals and aesthetics for female wrestling are exactly the same as men’s, except that the female champion is not chosen every three years but at the end of each season. The women and girls are in defiance of and against the critics who still dwell on the good old days when this sport was only for men. Fortunately, the acceptance of women is increasing but they still lack respect and attention from a broader audience. For some images of the wrestling, I left it to the viewers to judge what is pictured: is it a friendly gesture or preparations before the fight, or just a moment captured afterwards?

Sabina Bösch, born in 1990

©Sabina Bösch

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