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Untitled, Picture Frame

Historically, picture frames were carefully crafted to enhance or match an artwork. Today the market offers mostly monochrome rectangles.

Observing the frit – the black dotted edge surrounding car windshields – suggested the idea of using printed glass as the main component for a picture frame. The frit is baked-in ceramic on glass, a finish developed when windshields started to be glued to car bodies. It performed several functions: hiding the glue, providing a rougher surface for it, and protecting it from UV damage.

All these same principles were translated into the picture frame. It has three components: the printed glass, to which a reinforced rubber extrusion is bonded, that in turn wraps around the back plate, a lightweight folded sheet of metal.

The nature of the print allows for many colours, thicknesses and patterns. It can be discreet or extravagant. The rubber extrusion is cut to suit any format and means that any frame sizes are possible.

Alexandra Gerber, born in 1987

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