In early 2009, the graphic designer Ronny Hunger started his own studio «Comet Substance» based in Zurich. He was co-founder and member of Citro Druck, a screen-printing workspace in Zurich. Between 2012 and 2015 Hunger, as part of a collective, organized a number of live concerts in underground spaces in Zurich for which he also made the visual communication and design. In 2014 Hunger began collaborating with Niklaus Reichle with whom he is running the record and concert label «La Suisse Primitive». Since early 2015 Hunger is working under his own name «Ronny Hunger».

The designer underlines the importance of the complete process from the initial idea to the final product. For Hunger music is an important influence. His graphical language is decisively shaped by it. Over the years most of his work has been linked to the world of music. He previously was awarded with the Swiss Design Award in 2014.

What is the task of design?

If you think about applicability it quickly gets obvious what good design is about. When a product is being perceived as something self-evident, something the user understands immediately without having to read the users manual, when its design is reduced to the essential while everything that is insignificant is eliminated, then it is good design.

Taking into consideration today’s images flood, it is essential that design stands out with a simple and sober visual language. In fact, that was what I had to deal with while creating a self-contained visual identity for the label La Suisse Primitive. My goal was that the company’s activities are visually perceived as an integrated whole. A conscious use of recurring aspects and consistent aesthetics did result in a common thread through all the products, posters and other works I’ve created for La Suisse Primitive. At first this particular visual language should catch the customer’s/spectator’s attention. In the long run it should result in a sense of familiarity and recognition. Insofar, one of the most important tasks of good design is to attenuate the chaos of our everyday life and to make people understand what’s going on.

How does design change life?

Design should guide people in the easiest way possible. Design should simplify the complexity of people’s life. At the same time it is more and more important to show consideration for the sustainability of materials as well as the quality in production. Finally, a well-thought out design is decisive for a brand, a product or a content to become known. Design affects and changes life in subtile ways.

Must design create something new?

With new technologies new needs emerge and new needs require new answers and thus new products. Design becomes interesting when something familiar is applied to something new. For example, if a new product is easy to use, because it’s somehow already familiar to the user. Moreover, it is about thinking ahead and not being content with standard solutions. It is always important to question the status quo:  Are there other ways, maybe better ways to do something? New things can be simple. Especially, if one analyzes the already existing and focus on its essential aspects. This enables the creation of something new while still respecting the already existing.