You have to be in it to win it. Here are the winners of the category Graphic design.

13 June, 6 pm, Messe Basel, Hall 3

The designers of Studio Dinamo bring a fresh approach to type design utilizing a multitude of media and platforms to generate, test, present, apply and play with their type designs. Their light-footed approach exceeds the traditional representation of type design and invites to utilize and experiment with their letterforms freely and promptly.

This straight forward type design entry is a timely visit to the field of Humanist sans-serif typefaces after a period of predominantly Grotesk letterforms being investigated amongst type designers. Expertly drawn and developed to a very high standard over the period of eight years, LL Moderne comes in seven weights with matching italics and is carefully presented on several offset printed signatures and hung on a bespoke mounting system.

The identity and campaign for the music festival B-Sides is centered around an experimental website, which was designed and programmed simultaneously, featuring a formidable onslaught of graphics, imagery, 3D animation, audio-clips and a bespoke type-design. With the interaction of the users it feeds and generates printed matter like posters, T-shirts and the event-guides, therefore reversing the traditional hierarchy of print informing the representation on digital media.

Omnigroup is the collaborative practice of Luke Archer, Leonardo Azzolini, Simon Mager and Frederik Mahler-Andersen. The group operates within the fields of graphic and type design, web development, visual identities and education and presented a selection of web-site projects on a bespoke viewing platform. Developed, programmed and designed in-house, the close link to the technical aspects of their projects for online platforms allows the group to create highly specific and idiosyncratic treatments, reaching far beyond generic web-developement standards.

On two seductive, large-scale screens Felix Pfäffli, Raphael Leutenegger and Daniel Peter present an impressive selection of posters, adverts and cover designs for a multitude of local and international clients. Their often system-based approach to layouts results in a visual language sitting between the designed and the programmed, not revealing their source of origination. Further the studio explores and experiments with the aspect of movement and animation within their work, adding a clever fluidity and amorphousness to their visual language.